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Unsigned Caithness paperweight "Traditional Pool"

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Caithness has used or is using several methods to "sign" their paperweights:

1. Signature canes - like CG or PH (Peter Holmes); also wm canes are in several weights designed by William Manson during his time at Caithness; and then there is the Whitefriars monk cane, of course. Only the monk cane seems to have been used recently.

2. Etched (or sandblasted?) signatures on the flat base - scroll down about half way on for a schematic drawing.

3. Scratched signatures were used a lot before the advent of the etched ones, and are still being used on non-standard shaped weights, where the base is not suitable for an etched signature - as on Cornucopia.

4. Seconds have been marked "C II G" (either scratched or sandblasted) - but I remember Allan telling us in another thread that this has been abandoned, and seconds just don't get their base polished nowadays.

Under which circumstances could a paperweight have no identification mark at all? I have recently acquired a "Traditional Pool"

designed by Colin Terris in 1998 with an edition number of 350. With a limited edition I would expect a certificate and some sort of signature, including the serial number of the individual weight. No certificate was included - which is plausible after a weight may have changed hands several times. But no signature at all? ... Or is this weight not really a "Traditional Pool"?? In the Charlton catalogue this weight is listed as "spherical" - whilst mine is a disk

Does anyone own a "Traditional Pool" or has seen one directly and remembers the shape? The internal design looks correct - compare with the catalogue, where it is listed as "low dome" - but unfortunately no dimensions given (mine is 120 mm dia and 39 mm high).

It looks like the center of one of my weights that I've just sold called 'Tranquil Pond', Wuff, and also like a weight called 'Summer Flight'.

Item 190100067229


It is odd that yours is so flat, I wonder if it's supposed to be like that, or if it was repaired?


--- Quote from: stellar.artois on April 07, 2007, 03:34:09 PM ---It is odd that yours is so flat, I wonder if it's supposed to be like that, or if it was repaired?

--- End quote ---
Looks to me like they have just used the same or similar lampwork in the two weights if you have a look at :
I think it shows that the weight is about right.  Unfortunately they dont say anything about marks!

This is yours Wolf, no idea why yours is unmarked but I presume a second.

Could you send me a few views to add to this record, thanks.


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