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The photographer was selective  :?  as were you  :wink:

Absolutely Frank - though I will admit to having LOOKED at the rest of the Museum - and enjoyed eating in their delightful cafe. (Though the last time we were there I went bustling into the cafe, only to be pulled up in my tracks when I discovered I was gate crashing a very formal private party.  :oops: Unfortunately my Finnish doesn't extend to the words "private party - no entry".  :oops: )


The Riihimaki museum occupies the former Riihimaki glassworks. It is two floors high and has a large and airy exhibition area. In the basement are displays of old presses and moulds: the ground floor has the shop and display area, and upstairs is more exhibition/display area. It's a great place to visit. An hour's drive away is the Iittala Museum - also worth a visit. Doubly so as there is a hand made chocolate shop on site  :lol:


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