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The One That Got Away

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Browsing through the Cancer Research shop about 10 days ago, I came across a paperweight.   Of course, I picked it up and had a good look - it was quite unusual!  As I examined it, I realised it was, in fact, rather nasty, and had bits of 'fruit' attached to wire (WIRE??!!!  How vile!) actually in the glass.  All this 'fruit' was sitting on a rather nice latticinio white basket within the glass - what a waste of a nice bit of lattice I thought!

I hastily put down the vile paperweight with the strange wired fruit, and thought I wouldn't waste £1.50 on it.

Imagine my chagrin when in my new paperweight book I find it was a St Louis lampwork paperweight dating from c1850.   :cry:  :cry:

MAX!!!!  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  :x  :x  :x

I really wish you hadn't told us that!   :(  :roll:

Why do I never see those paperweights in my local charity shops?  I'm gonna have to move nearer to Max!   :roll:  :wink:



--- Quote ---Why do I never see those paperweights in my local charity shops? I'm gonna have to move nearer to Max!  

--- End quote ---

I shot back to the shop this morning - of course, it was gone.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!   :cry:  :cry:

Was valuable?  I'm not sure if I should ask I want to know really??   :cry:

I'm not sure why I'm laughing..maybe it's hysteria...  :lol:

Bernard C:
Max — you are not alone.   I've done it at least three times this year so far, walking past a Victorian four-ball ink, a delicious pair of turn-of-the-century tall Venetian sticks, and, by far the worst, a lovely Walsh triple epergne in Primrose, with fabulous flowing Nouveau metalwork!

I still can't believe that last one.

Bernard C.  8)

Oh Max!! We all have tales of ones that got away and if I kicked myself for everyone I probably couldn't sit down for a week. The opposite side of this coin would be one you received as a gift but in all honesty do not care for, does not "fit" into the collection and yet you feel you really should keep it and display it. The following piece, and I will not comment on it but let you decide whether you like it or not. Impressed in the bottom it reads, Magic of Glass 1986 Jim Davis.



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