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The One That Got Away

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Hi Max

 :) That's good, and I do hope it has helped, and that you are able you to see the situation from a wider viewpoint.
 I too have felt the gut-wrenching reaction you spoke of and if you allow it space and to dwell on it it is really quite destructive in the amount of agitation that results.
 I'm not suggesting that you need feel the same as we all react differently but in retrospect I have at times ended up quite ashamed of allowing myself to be so annoyingly devoured by what I considered in me was a mixture of greed and stupidity.....not quite sure which one offended me the most...but probably the "stupid" bit. :oops:  
Anyway...whatever else you forget or remember I doubt you will get a more clearly defined image in your mind of what a Clichy basket weight looks like than from this.




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