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Danish Glass: Signature help please = Holmegaard


Hi again,

I recently got this little glass bowl from a family friend. She's had it for a very long time so its history is forgotten.

Ive tried reading the signature, but the base is very scratched. Im hoping that someone will recognise the style or the signature. Im leaning towards Holmegard? for the larger mark but that is just a guess and I think if you think of something hard enough any illegible signature will look how you want it to. LOL No idea on the initials.

The bowl is quite small measuring 5cm high , approx 10cm across, but is quite heavy and solid. I dont know how to describe the colour..a cross between brown/blue/dark grey? A smoky colour.

Hoping the combined knowledge on the board will give me an answer..


I meant Holmegaard...sorry...I should double check what I write..

Looks like Holmegaard to me, complete with the Per L├╝tken monogram and a production number.

100% Holmegaard (but only 87% Holmegard!  ;D). The colour's officially called "Smoke" (even in Danish).

It was designed, as Ivo says, by Lutken and produced from 1956 until probably the mid-late 1970s. The signature on your example dates it between 1965-1970. In the 1956 catalogue it appears as production/pattern number 15738, which is the number on the base of yours.

Oh, as indicated above - Holmegaard are a Danish firm, rather than Swedish.

Thanks for that guys! Looks like I stuffed up twice

What a wonderful way to show your non knowledge on a board  :) Good to know I have a piece of glass I can actually attribute to someone !

And not knowing how to link back to the oily discussion...this piece was in the cabinet 2 days before it got that wet feel to it. Ive kept it out since, and its fine. Im going to put it back in and see how it goes.



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