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Tiara Glass Children's Service Set (Nursery Rhyme)


Is the Children's Service Set made by Tiara Glass an original design, or a reproduction of something older?  I'm talking about the nursery rhyme series, such as shown here.  They seem to be very common now, judging by eBay sales (they don't sell for any price, unless a complete set perhaps with original box).  I saw one of the See Saw Margery Daw plates in an antique store and liked it, but thought I'd look around before doing anything rash, and was surprised to see how many were for sale and that they didn't even fetch $5.  Are there originals?  --ian


It is suggested in Pattern Glass Mugs by Adams and Mordock that there may have been an original of the mug produced in the 1880s in clear only.

The plate and bowl are definitely all of recent vintage as are the coloured mugs. As you point out so well  the market is flooded.


Sid, thanks.  I wonder if Tiara took the mug and ran with the nursery rhyme idea?  i.e. are the others in the set also old patterns?  I know they're new production, but are they new or old designs?  Does anyone have an original (mug) to compare to the repro?  The Tiara's are marked "Tiara" on the bottom are they not?


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