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Who Were Leroc of Czecho-slovakia?

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The glass (i.e.the actual items with the impressed heron design) was made by Josef Inwald and was shown in their 1934 catalog. The items shows in the eBay auction comprise part of the full set.

Looks like a decorator (Leroc?) did the paintwork and possibly added their own etched mark. It's possible that the RD was for the Inwald design. I don't think Inwald would have added an etched mark, it's not their style of doing things. They did sometimes use a pressed RD.


The registration was not in Class 4 ( Wholly or partly glass or pottery) so is therefore most likely for the decoration design, another one for design registry visit.

Just to bring images back into this topic, the pictures from the auction of these items are now in the Glass Trinket Set website with the written permission of the seller, Susan Raisin, to whom I'm thankful for their use: PAGE LINK, along with the information from Glen and Frank about these pieces. Thank you both.  :ghug:


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