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Who Were Leroc of Czecho-slovakia?

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Hi Frank,

It's a case of some you win, some you don't. Just because things are marked it doesn't mean it is easy :)  If it were it would be a very boring existance :wink:

Thanks for trying, and I'll hang on to my little dish a while longer.


Another pic disappeared Barbara, can you add back please?

Hi Barbara i always miss tinypics aint seen one yet and i do get up at 6.00 am but i have a lidded pin dish as you describe, bought about a year ago it came with two candlesticks,i had not seen a piece of leroc in the thirty or so years collecting glass and then i saw another piece a few months back,so i hope we find out a bit more about them. JP.

I assume Leroc is a trade name, not company, but yet to be tracked down. Quickest is to check trade name directories in a public library.

There's a full set on eBay at the moment:

RD no 750112 doesn't appear in either the Blue Book or on Great-Glass, but the number dates from November 1929. There's a good picture of the etched mark on the base of one of the items in the listing.


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