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Who Were Leroc of Czecho-slovakia?

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Hi Frank,

It's a case of some you win, some you don't. Just because things are marked it doesn't mean it is easy :)  If it were it would be a very boring existance :wink:

Thanks for trying, and I'll hang on to my little dish a while longer.


Hi Barbara i always miss tinypics aint seen one yet and i do get up at 6.00 am but i have a lidded pin dish as you describe, bought about a year ago it came with two candlesticks,i had not seen a piece of leroc in the thirty or so years collecting glass and then i saw another piece a few months back,so i hope we find out a bit more about them. JP.

I assume Leroc is a trade name, not company, but yet to be tracked down. Quickest is to check trade name directories in a public library.

There's a full set on eBay at the moment:

RD no 750112 doesn't appear in either the Blue Book or on Great-Glass, but the number dates from November 1929. There's a good picture of the etched mark on the base of one of the items in the listing.

The glass (i.e.the actual items with the impressed heron design) was made by Josef Inwald and was shown in their 1934 catalog. The items shows in the eBay auction comprise part of the full set.

Looks like a decorator (Leroc?) did the paintwork and possibly added their own etched mark. It's possible that the RD was for the Inwald design. I don't think Inwald would have added an etched mark, it's not their style of doing things. They did sometimes use a pressed RD.



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