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Is this a Murano Knockoff?

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Hi folks!  I'm brand-new here and I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I've found a glass message board that will OPEN.  Ebay's boards won't load.  Don't know why - but oh well.  

I'm pasting an url here of a basket I picked up recently (paid <5 for it) at the local junque shop.  It was grimy to the point of being gray, had some kind of disgusting sticky crud coating it but I the shape intrigued me and I figured it was worth the couple dollars just to clean it up and satisfy my curiosity.  

So I cleaned it and found this pretty little thing:

There were intact labels on it, but I've learned not to trust labels unless they can be authenticated somehow.  Too easy to fake a foil label.

So does anyone have a clue?  The label says "Lavorazione Arte Murano Made in Italy."  That's the red foil label.  The white label says "Made in Italy"

I haven't listed it for auction anywhere because I won't list an item until I know exactly what it is.  

Thanks all!

Molly McBeagle

Laura Friedman:

Your bowl, while lovely, is an extremely common item. They are new, and currently for sale in many of the "discount" department stores in the United States.

These items are all marked "Made in Murano," so yours is indeed wearing its original label.  However, I wonder if they are items that have been farmed out to Asian makers, then imported back to Italy for sale to tourists. I have been told that this imorting and remarking of glass is unfortunately becoming more common in Murano.


Which makes the slimy grey crud an value-added addition.  :D

Thank you, Laura!  I'm very glad to have this piece identified.  Well, it's a pretty little piece and for those of us who live in thrift stores and estate sales rather than discount department stores, it may just become quite a little conversation piece.  I'll give it a place in my china press, right next to the bride's basket my son cracked this weekend - quite by accident...

Frank?  I get the feeling you're sneering at my basket... :shock:



Nah, not the basket, just the tricks people dream up to age things! You would probably have paid the same price had it been clean, because you liked the shape. I am also glad you are going to live with it and not put it aside as a mistake. Beauty comes in all ages :)


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