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Is this a Murano Knockoff?

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Yep.  I buy what appeals to me for my own collection - not because something might be valuable.  It's only worth as much as you or the next buyer is willing to pay.  

Granted, I hadn't intended to add anything like this basket to my collection, but the shape caught my eye.  I must not get out enough, because I'd never seen it before - or maybe I'm just not going to those places where that kind of thing is sold.  

Still, it cleaned up well, and it also sparked an interest in art glass that appears to have been sublimated to my interest in other types of glass.  So it was a good thing, all told.  AND I learned something, so I find it a very valuable little piece of bric-a-brac!

Now I just wish I could identify that wonderfully colored ashtray I posted in the "Glass" folder!  Someone will probably come back and tell me it's mass-produced for Target... :?


--- Quote --- AND I learned something, so I find it a very valuable little piece of bric-a-brac!
--- End quote ---

That's what it's all about Molly!  And....the more you learn, the less you find you know...exasperating really!   :lol:

MMMMmmm diffrent lable

Well spotted, Ray.

So, is this another case of a modern glassworks selling other makers' (Murano in this case) wares, in the same way that we know that some English works sell Polish ones?

Or is it, as suggested earlier, a case of some Murano outlets selling German wares in the same way as we know some sell Chinese products.

Or is it really just a coincidence? Or perhaps glassworks simply following a saleable style? Or how about a particular worker who has moved from Germany to Murano or vice versa?

It gets almost as difficult to follow as deciding whether a piece of art glass with Murano canes was made in Murano or some other country.

How are we poor collectors supposed to know what we are buying?


I think different maker, slight diffs in technique. But obviously inspired by the same concept. finding the glass is tough :shock: better in Internet explorer than Firefox  :roll:


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