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Enamelled Ewer: Czech c1890s, probably Kralik or Rindskopf

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i got this yesterday at my local carboot sale it stands 10.5" tall, it has enamel decoration with gold gilding but most of the gold has disappeared over the years, the base has a ground out pontil mark with a number 37 or someone's initials in gold, the ewer is cased in thick clear glass, can anyone help


bravo nice item. Czech ca 1890s, probably Kralik or Rindskopf.

thanks Ivo :D

I'd agree with Ivo.

However, out of interest, how  is the intermal part of the external  decoration actually made - the bits of the scrolling design between the heavy gilded outlines? I have vase (plain blue) with perhaps the same style of decoration. Mine appears to be a lightly acid etched and frosted floral pattern which is then overlaid with the heavy gilding.

Does this ewer have the same type of work, or are the translucent sections actually a thin layer of something with the basic red-yellow blobs showing through?

Just wondering.


between the enamel work is gold gilding no acid etching, the clear cased glass is about 4mm thick, inside the vase is yellow glass with the red/brown applied ontop then the thick clear glass, if you get what i mean

do you know what the number on the bottom is or is it someone initials



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