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id / info on this set please -any pressed glass experts on the board ?

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any pressed glass experts on the board ? can anyone give me any info on this set i have had it for years and i have not seen another set like it,i think this set is from italy but i am not sure,all the pieces are individually numbered and i think i can make out base mark BRF but its not clear.thank you,jc

Cathy B:
Hi there, and welcome to the board! There are plenty people who can help with pressed glass here: Ivo, Bernard, Glen, Pamela, Dave, Mike, Sid, Leni, Christine, Connie and Tony. 

As to your set, I'm no expert but it looks like the tray doesn't match the decanter and glasses. I can't quite see the pattern - is it like this one (without the handle) 170101987249, or 290106983632, or is it a more knobbly wood-look effect? What's common to all of these is the shape, colour and band around the top. All of the patterns I'm thinking of are fairly common and Italian. Is this what Luigi Bormioli was doing in the 1970s, I wonder?

We have an extensive discussion on Bormioli and the BRF mark here if it helps:,7093.0.html

My Bormioli / BRF set is the same colour and has the same spout/rim finish:

Cathy B:
Doh~ Thanks Anne, serves me right for not searching the database!!

I would say the tray was from a dressing table set. I'm sure its a design I've seen before. Can we have a seperate tray picture and one of a glass and the decanter side on please.

BTW -thanks for the promotion Cathy  ;)


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