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Carnival Glass partial trinket set ID please


Hi all,

Does anyone have any idea who the maker of these pieces might be?
The lidded powder and the pin dish have a star base with a ground a polished rim. I have looked through all of my resources and scoured Pamela's site, but to no avail.  :(

As always, many thanks.

Hi Della - my apologies for not being in a position to reply earlier (sad, family circumstances have meant that I have been away from home).

I believe that the pieces you have here were made in Czechoslovakia. Other shapes are known, as well as the powder jar and ring holder that you show here. The pattern has been called "Rib" (inventive....not  :P) and it is known bearing paper labels with Czech attribution. The actual maker is not known.

Rindskopf is in the frame, I suppose - as is the "unknown maker" that I'm currently working on.

Hopefully we will get closer to an answer as time goes on.


Thank you, Glen :hug:
I knew that there would be a delay in a reply and it is not a problem for me at all and no apologies necessary.

More fascinating news and finds in your new pages. The best news for me being the fact that a pattern has been named after me  ;D  I am both totally flattered and honoured by John's thoughtfulness :a big blushing smiley here:  :P

Thanks, Della  :) And the "Della" pattern is a lovely and fascinating one too, full of intrigue and delight, just like its namesake. It was perfectly named  :)


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