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I noticed nobody had posted on this board for a few days, so I had to do something about it.  At great personal sacrifice  :roll: I have over the last few days purchased a few new paperweights, just to keep this board going  :lol:

However, I have a problem!  The battery in my camera has died.  And while clearing the library (that's dining room to 'normal' people  :P ) I stupidly put away in one of the boxes the spare battery and the battery charger.  And can I remember which box it was in?  :oops:  :roll:

I have asked the vendor of the most interesting weight if I may use the pictures he used on ebay - yes, that's where I do most of my 'shopping'  :lol: - and am waiting to hear if he agrees.  He is curious to know an ID for the weight himself, so I hope he will say it's ok.  

At the moment we both are thinking 'Bohemian' but I'm not sufficiently expert on the different canes yet, and my searches in my paperweight books haven't turned up anything *exactly* like this one, although I keep feeling there's something on the periphery of my consciousness  :?

Kevin, is there a book you could recommend specifically about canes?  Those in this particular weight are incredibly elaborate, being made up of lots of tiny canes including some tiny 'rose-like' ones  :shock: I keep having to pick up my magnifier and have another look!   :D

Oh, it's so frustrating not having the use of my camera!   :x  :roll:


hi Leni
the book i have about identifying antique PW canes is called " identifying antique paperweights lampwork by george n kulles " or the one for the french weights is " antique paperweights  by paul jokelson but there was only 2000 published, but keep a look out for it, it's dam good book

Andrew Dohan's book fits the bill:

yep thats a good book Frank, i've got that as well,  when i read the book i did'nt realize there were so many people doing paperweights, even some of the chinese had signature canes in there weights

i get my book's from Allan port and off David


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