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Murrine (pics gone)

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Hi all,

Nice to find this site. My wife Lissa and I work with glass, mainly marbles, but we have made a few paperweights. We specialize in murrine, it has become quite a passion.

Hopefully we will be able to contribute to the group :-) We have studied just about every resource on murrine there is. Not so much knowledge on millefiori, but some.

Here is a picture of the latest murrine I made, before it was pulled down:

It's not the normal subject matter we work with, but I love the image.

Chris Juedemann

WOW :D  now thats smart, i like the Jimmy Hendrix one your site

Being a complete murrine ignoramus, can I ask, Chris, if you would please explain for the likes of me (a) what murrine is, and (b) how you use it/them in the context of the paperweights you make?

The example in your post is lovely, and I also like the sea turtle one in your gallery very much.

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the Board.

I haven't yet read the PCA Bulletin article about yours and Lissa's work - but I will have to do so now. Well ... after I have done surfing the net and glancing at the snooker on TV  :D

:shock:  :shock:  :shock: Stunning work!  What talented people!  :D  I love your website, and especially the demo!   :shock:

Have emailed you about ordering some beads, but PLEASE can you make some more paperweights for sale :shock:

I do like Django - and Che, of course is superb :D

Welcome 'on board'!   :wink:   :lol:



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