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local "99cents Only" weight finds (Pics gone / links broken)

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--- Quote from: "glasswizard" ---As we have seen the study of canes is so complex, but the wealth of information they contain boggles the mind a bit.
--- End quote ---

 :oops:  :oops: Sorry!  I think I'm probably guilty of boggling a few minds!  :roll:

--- Quote --- I myself really am drawn to the contemprary weights and have to ask myself sometimes, "How did they do that?"  
--- End quote ---

Until recently I really only used to collect contemporary weights.  My interest in (obsession with?  :oops: ) canes is a new phenomenon for me!   :roll:  

--- Quote ---Pictured here is an Eickholt weight dated 1992.  I never tire of looking at it. Terry
--- End quote ---

I absolutely agree, Terry.  It's a fascinating one!  :shock:  :D



--- Quote ---I never tire of looking at it. Terry
--- End quote ---

What an unusual paperweight.  I suppose you could call it architectural?  

Tut!  Why did I just brush off paperweights previously as only suitable for old ladies?   :?  :roll:

As you see more and more, the full glory of them starts to become apparent, doesn't it?   :)

:D :shock:  :D That's beautiful too, Terry, but I think it's more science fictiony geological. I love glass that seems to capture the power and elemental forces of nature. This one does it for me. But I'm still not really "sold" on paperweights. I like my glass BIG and in different shapes. :D
Cheers, Sue.

Sue, Trust me. Keep looking and you can find truly BIG and unusual shaped paperweights. I too like glass that is Big and different shapes, but alas space can be a problem. HAHA Terry


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