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Art Glass: Vaseline and Cranberry

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Hello all:  I think this is my first post (might have visited here a long time ago-don't recall for sure!)  Anyway, please take a look at this piece.  The vaseline/uranium base is 9 inches long left to right.  The cranberry vases all sit in their little recesses and can be interchanged (all same size).  The base is one continuous piece of glass, tight spiral pattern, connects at one end.  The feet are a raspberry-style.  There is a wire-wrap glass decoration of opalescent glass from the choke spot on the vases that goes up to the top rim.  I have showed this to other art glass collectors, and so far, the only thing that makes sense is that it was made at Webb, but was not a regular production item.  Anyone seen anything like this before?

Dave Peterson

Bernard C:
Hi Dave.   Nice to welcome you back to the GMB — and, yes, you have been here before, or, more correctly, to this board's predecessor.

How did you favour Webb?   I would have thought that any of the major Stourbridge glassworks (including Walsh) could have made it.   It looks far too sophisticated to me for a one-off.

Eric Reynolds is conducting a data collecting and research project into strawberry prunts applied to pontil scars, as on the frame here, on both definite and possible Walsh, although usually positioned underneath a bowl or vase.   If you can provide some close-ups and accurate measurements of these prunts and the similar feet, he would certainly welcome your material.    I would be pleased to forward them to him if you don't have his email address.    He may be able to confirm or eliminate a Walsh attribution.

Warmest regards,

Bernard C.  8)

I will get some photos together later today.

Here are links to the end strawberry pieces (one on each end)
and a look at the strawberry feet (2 or 3 views).  2 ends, 4 feet, spiral connecting glass.

Please forward on to the person who is working on John Walsh Walsh info.
Dave Peterson

:D Hi, What an interesting piece! It's amazing it's survived any length of time, althought it obviously has. But your "strawberries" look much more like raspberries to me! (being literal, not a sleight on the piece!):wink: Cheers, Sue


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