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Boda M for ID please


Can anyone help me with an engraved mark I have on a green/ brown  bottle vase?
 It appears to be Boda M 3419/140 (possibly 3719/140). Is this a different Boda to Kosta Boda? I'm keen to know the date too if this is indicated by the mark. Ill add a photo soon.

I suspect it reads Boda H, not M - in which case you're looking at the signature of Erik Sylvester Höglund who worked for Boda from 1953 to 1973.  And yes, Kosta-Boda operates two plants: this one was made at Boda.

Sorry about the quality - battery went before i had chance to take a better one.
It gives you an idea of the shape at least.

Looks like Höglund to me - strong shape, strong colour. So is the sig definitely a H?
As for the picture, a/ take more distance and use the zoom and b/ use the strongest light you can find against a white background.


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