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I had another lucky find in a charity shop today, when I bought this 24% lead crystal ice bucket, with a label saying Made in Poland.
It's nearly 7" high and 7" wide and it weighs 4lbs!  :o  It's simply but nicely cut, and it has a polished out pontil mark.  However, I haven't been able to find out anything about Polish crystal, other than it's thought to be reasonably good quality.  I can't find any indication of any makers of this sort of glass!  Anyone got any ideas? 

BTW, I intend to use it, as I've always wanted an ice bucket (even if I can't lift the darn thing with a full bottle in it, let alone the ice!)  Anyway, I reckon at £2.49 it's got to be a bargain!  ;D   

Cathy B:
Try Krosno first, and hopefully someone will make more suggestions later.

Hi Leni,
Two Polish companies known for cut glass, "Violetta" at Stronie Slaskie, (definitely lead crystal production) and the "Zawiercie" glassworks in the town of the same name, which may also have produced PbO glass.

Thank you very much for that, Marcus  :-* I had searched for ages and not found any cut glass!  What superb glass they produce, too :o  The 'Violetta' designs particularly are absolutely amazing!  I think it's a shame cut glass is a bit 'out of fashion' at the moment.  (But at least that means it's possible to get hold of nice pieces for less money  ;)  ;D )

But surely glasshouses like Violetta and Zawiercie would have their own labels, wouldn't they?  I can't see any in the 'labels' thread, or in the glass gallery!  My ice bucket has a transparent plastic label which simply reads 'Made in Poland 24% PbO'   

I would have suggested IRENA for cut crystal items.


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