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Skrdlovice health warning

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It appears that not all Skrdlovice is what it appears.
Twice in the last week, I have come across items which seem to be signed reproductions of items designed by Frantisek Vizner.
These are being issued in editions of 500.
One at least appears to be a re-make of Skrdlovice pattern 6831, with plastic labels, and Vizner's signature, from a company called "Alkimie Praha" with "Hand-made in the Czech Republic" tag, which dates production to post-1992, and the "Velvet Divorce".
At least one of these items was described as museum quality (read BNWT). imho, it hardly qualifies as such, if a late reproduction.
In defence of the sellers, neither made an assertion that these were Skrdlovice, but neither did they make it clear that these are reproductions.

Thanks for the heads up Marcus.
I did see one of those you mention and was a little wary. I shall be interested to find out who this "Alcimie" is.

Thanks for the warning Marcus - any chance of a listing number, link or photo of the vases in question?

Compare the item shown here:220107588372 with exhibit 311, Ricke et al "Czech Glass: Design in the Age of Adversity" 2005 Arnoldsche, page 342.
I will comment no further at the moment as this is a live listing, but will come back to this later.


Sorry, I cannot reach the mentioned page.

Good message for Skrdlovice collectors is that I have Skrdlovice pattern books from 1960 - 1981 (only year 1987 I am missing but I am working hard to get it). Now I am trying to associate to each item from Skrdlovice books the real photography of piece.

I will gladly help you with attribution of your "possible Skrdlovice" piece for your photography (ies) of the piece and permission to use it  an publish it in my database. Without help of glass collectors community I cannot reach the research target - complete Skrdlovice patterns database.



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