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and this green dressing table set, which does glow - ID = Bagley Filey

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It sure does TC (thank you  :-*)  and a load more stuff to go on there as well... keep watching! :)

Would you like any more photos of trinket sets for the website Anne?  I think I have a few I can email over to you if you like? 

Chloe, yes please! :)  Any and all pictures of sets or part sets or single items more than welcome - even if I already have something in one colour pics in other colours are welcome to be able to show the full range of colours they were made in.  Even if you don't know who made them as I have a pile of mysteries to add as well which will be matched up over time with known patterns as the catalogues become available.

Gah - email is playing up, but I have a few photos for you which will be on their way sometime today!  And more stored *somewhere* on my pc for when I have a proper sort out  :)

Brilliant, thank you, Chloe. :)


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