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One of Sue's paperweights! (Pics gone)

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:D I see there's not been anybody here for a couple of days - we can't have that! So although I know I've said I don't "do" paperweights but, as I'm sure you all know, as I do "do" glass,  :twisted: I obviously do have some paperweights!
This is one of my favourites, it's by Mike Hunter, Twists Glass.
Hope you like it!

Sue, What a Fab weight! That got me to thinking, which one of mine is my favorite. I can't decide. Terry


--- Quote from: "glasswizard" ---Sue, What a Fab weight!
--- End quote ---

I second that!  Very nice, Sue :D

I've looked at adding a Twist Glass weight to my collection.  Just waiting for the 'right' one to come along!   :wink:



Love it Sue!   He's gorgeous!   :D


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