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One of Sue's paperweights! (Pics gone)

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:D Thanks everybody!
I think he looks as if he's guarding his treasure, as if he has aspirations of a dragonly nature 8) !
By the way, Frank, Twists Glass is Scottish. Cheers, Sue

Do you have any info on them?

Yes Sue, nice weight. They come in various colour schemes to suit almost everyone's decor.

Actual company name is Twist Glass Studios. They are in Selkirk, Scotland. They sell through UK and US dealers but also stand at some Glass Fairs in the UK.

The April 2004 edition of the PCC Newsletter had an article titled, Michael J Hunter, Glass Designer Maker. It was pointed out that:
--- Quote ---Michael won the UK gift of the year for best collectable in 2002 with a paperweight entitled 'Lizard' and that the intricate twisted cane work of the Lizard is a signature mark of his Studio.
--- End quote ---

The Newsletter article also tells us that Michael used to live in Kings Lynn and he worked at Wedgwood Glass, but went on to develop his twist canes following up on 18th century glass seen in the local musuem. Amazingly, he has produced over 350 (perhaps even more these days) different twists using just white cane - when coloured cane is introduced, the number of twists is ... well ... think of a number and then think again.

:D Hello again, I've got Mike Hunter's CV somewhere, but couldn't put my paws on it. I'll have a hunt again tomorrow. It says much of what KevH says, though. The lizards come in purple, blue, green and pink. I first saw one at the Scottish Glass Society Exhibition, 2002. I bought this one in the Strathearn Gallery last year. They don't turn up that often, I don't think, as I was looking around for one for a while. They all do seem to be slightly different. Mine has a pink and a blue spiral going around the lattice bit on the body, but it's toes are not latticed. TTFN, Sue.

New pics required, I take it?  :)


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