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polar bear

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Im not an expert on murano my collection is whitefriars

However i have had this bear for quiet sometime hes huge over 10" and very very heavy. unfortunately my hubbys making me get rid of some of my collection of glass and hes had to go on ebay :-\

i havent seen anything like him especially the size

At the risk of offending quite a few cat lovers, and probably one or two polar bear fanciers, I have feeling that your polar bear is actually meant to be a cat! ;D

But since I have neither a cat or a polar bear in my menagerie at present, I could be wrong! ;)

Tony has one but we didn't get very far with him either. See here

Is the bottom shiny or matt?

Adam I think you're better at signatures  :-*

Hmm :-\ ....I printed the picture and also Tony's picture. Showed it to four people in my studio. The first guessed "cat" and the other three (independently) said "giraffe" and when they realised this was not perhaps the expected answer, ventured cat. When informed collectively that it was supposed to be a polar bear, they all fell about laughing.

So maybe we should have a poll?


I have seen several shapes in this white inner glass, and all were classed as Polar Bear on eBay... one actually looks like it and its pointed head is forward. not high like this.


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