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removal of white water stains inside glass vase

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Hi there all
I recently bought a Sklo Union piece which is fine apart from some white water staining inside. Is there any good way or ways to clean this off?

If it's just a chalky calcium deposit, then any limescale remover or dishwasher tablet should do the job fine.

If it's proper staining where the surface of the glass looks cloudy or irridescent, then it'll not shift without strong acids or mechanical polishing.

thanks Nic that's what i thought. It's only lightly stained so I'll see what I can do. Still looks great though.
Thanks for the info on  the Scandinavian sites.

If it's permanently damaged and won't come off with scrubbing then Ivo's suggestion to me ages ago of using silicon oil is a good, if temporary measure.  A thin coating of silicon oil inside the vase will help remove the clouding temporarily - so it's great if you just want to display your vase and not actually use it. But as I said it's not a permanent solution and you have to take care if using silicon oil to keep it (and the vase) well away from children and pets.

Thanks everyone


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