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Hawkes cut glass vase or Not???


Hey folks!  I was hoping there'd be a few Hawkes cut glass collectors here to let me know if this vase is from Hawkes or not.  There have been heated discussion on it on another board I belonged.  I listed it on eBay as a Hawkes, and over the past few weeks I've had a few supposed Hawkes collectors tell me differing opinions.  One suggested it was a nice Hawkes vase, but my original dating of it was incorrect.  Another suggests it's not a Hawkes at all.

Here's what I know so far;  Hawkes didn't start signing pieces until several years AFTER they began production.  It was around 1898 when Hawkes began using the etched bird logo, and not on all pieces.  In fact, most web sites suggest Hawkes only ever signed about half of their wares.  Later signatures etched were just the name Hawkes.

My piece is NOT signed, but when you look at it's saw toothed rim, the mitered stem, the star on the base and the fan cuts it's all about Hawkes.  The oddity is the buzz saw cut.  I also know that the buzz saw  (or buzz star) cut didn't begin until around 1905.

Anyway, please... if someone could look at this vase, and give me your opinion, I'd appreciate it a lot!  The auction listing ends next Friday.
eBay item number 270119682374

Thanks in advance for ANY help,

Could this be Libbey???


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