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Henry Greener Cake Plate, Help Please

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I have recently aquired a cake plate that is by Henry Greener, it has the demi lion with the star.

My question is where do I find a fair market value on a piece like this?
I purchased it to sell in my store but have no idea what to price it at. I can not price it by any formula based on my purchase price, because I got such a deal. As far as I can tell there has not been a cake plate by Greener ever sold on ebay or any place for that matter that I can find.  :-\

Anyone have any ideas?  Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks, Bobbie

Leave to market forces, as long as it is properly described and illustrated it will attract the collectors and if as rare as you think it will reach a fair market price.

I agree with Frank - of course the other alternatives are to hunt through printed matter (books, auction catalogues, online sites) for guide prices or take it somewhere to have it professionally appraised for a fee.


Thanks for the tips Frank and Pip,

Unfortunately I can't let the market dictate a price by auction. It will be placed in a fixed price store instead. So I guess the research or appraisal is my only options.

Thank so much for all your help.  :)


Hi Bobbie, you can certainly search the auction sites even if you choose not to sell there in order to get a good feeling of the actual market price at the moment. Books and other printed research material will only give a historical (and often unrealistically inflated) view of the suggested value.  Value is, after all, highly subjective.

You also may need to take into account the speed with which you wish to sell the item.  If you want a fast sale, you will need to price accordingly.  If you price at the top of the published prices, you may have to decide that you are happy to hold the item for some considerable time until a collector comes along who needs your piece and has been looking for ages and is happy to pay your price.


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