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Strange backwards signature on Green Plate


This is an odd one...

I rather like the very blobby freeform shape of this deep emerald green plate with white splodges, pretty modern I would imagine.  (dull light today, it needs the sun on it to show the nice green colour). 

the signature on the back seems to have been done by an acid etched stencil, as it is completely back to front.... you'd think they would have noticed wouldn't you??

I wondered if it was supposed to be viewed from the front not the back, but the glass is so dense and dark you can't see through it anyway, so that doesn't work.

Anyway.... flipped over in my photo thingy, it is easily read.... well, by those who are happy reading signatures.  That doesn't include me normally, and this is no different.

The second line "Art Collection" is easy, but what about the name above Richarti or Richanti maybe?  Nothing comes up for either of these...

And where would it be from do you think?  The squiggly writing is not very English?

Here you are:


Original signature

flipped signature



Hi Lynne,

It is signed Richartz, art collection. I have seen a few for sale over here, but I don't know anything about them. I am sure Ivo has mentioned something about them somewhere on here.
There is on for sale here Scroll down to #4665.

Thank you Della, you are such a star!

And how did you find that link???  I just put Richartz glass into Google and got zilch.... >:(


You are very welcome, Lynne.
I am not sure, maybe it is because I use  :D I don't really know if it matters where you are, or which google you use.  :-\

Regional googles maintain separate databases and you do get different results.


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