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EAPG Question - Did U.S. Glass ever work in Milk Glass?

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I was wondering if anyone knows if US glass ever made items in Milk Glass? I have a Manhattan Cake Salver Cake STand that I am trying to identify.

Thank you for any help you can offer,

Tony H:

I have a copy of The Collectors Encyclopedia of Pattern Glass by Mollie Helen McCain, the entry for Manhattan reads. US Glass Co #15078 ( Glassport ), 1902-10. Extended table service in Crystal rose-flashed green-flashed is being reproduced. Your milk glass piece could well be a reprodution, Jeanette Glass reproduced a range called "Shell Pink" from lots of old moulds maybe this piece could be from Jeanette Glass, just an idea!!

Tony H in NZ 

Thank you Tony,
Did Indiana buy US Glass molds?
I am thinking this is older milk glass, sort of swirly and creamy not dead opaque.


oops meant Jeanette - my brain is malfunctioning today. I graduate from Citizens Police Academy tonight, so I am a bit frazzled.


US Glass remained in business from 1891 until the 1960s and made just about everything in glass. So, I am pretty sure that the answer is yes. 

A couple of observations:

First and foremost, US Glass is included in a Checklist of Some Major Manufacturers of Milk Glass in the The Milk Glass Book by Frank Chiarenza and James Slater.  Frank Chiarenza is an excellent glass researcher. 

Second, US Glass reintroduced a limited number of forms in a few EAPG era glass patterns in the 1950s including several Manhattan pieces.  This was the heyday of milk glass production so it may be that your salver is from that time frame.



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