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Ronald Stennett-Wilson?? ID: Very likely Moretti

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Pictured here are two pieces I recieved as Christmas gifts  A friend suggested they reminded him of Ronald Stennett-Wilson designs. Living in the middle of the United States and learning that Stennett-Wilson was English I thought maybe someone would have more info. Thanks Terry

:D Hi Terry, The green piece looks very like a "Brancaster" candlestick with a lid added, also like a fruit bowl (but with a lid added) by Stennet-Wilson, both pictured on p.267 of Miller's Collectables Guide 2004. There's a different candlestick on p.311 of the 2005 Guide that looks a similar colour. I can see where your friend was coming from. Cheers, Sue.

nigel benson:
Hi Terry,

Does the green tall stemmed piece have a hollow stem?


Nigel, The stem on the green pc. is solid, not hollow. Terry

nigel benson:

Then it is almost certainly NOT a piece by Stennett-Willson, since the stem should be hollow. Furthermore, I do not recognise the brown colouring of the other piece as from any of the Stennett-Willson ranges.

The search continues...........................



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