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Percival, Yates and Vickers Butter - does it match?

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Hi Gang,
I recently bought a butter dish on eBay
and I was wondering if you could help me because I don't know that much about P, Y &V.
The base has a lozenge (18 August 1865 ) and it has a blown and cut top.  They only registered four designs during this time, and I think that they used to mix blown and pressed glass, so I was wondering if anyone knew if this is a matching lid and base.   I have this niggling feeling that maybe it would have a lid with a matching registration lozenge too.

The seller was quite certain that they matched, so if it doesn't I'll let him know (that and the chip on the lid!).

As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Nicola
Not quite sure where to start with an answer so excuse if i ramble a bit.
P.Y & V pressed 'lead' glass as opposed to the 'flint' glass of the N.E.  In addition they also did quite a lot of decorative cutting and also sold blanks for cutting by others.  Their finished items were of extremely high quality and in some cases are easily mistaken for cut glass.
Without a clearer picture it is difficult to assess wether the lid is pressed and cut or a totally seperate item which does not match. I would certainley be concerned if the lid did not have the same pattern around its rim as the base does, whilst the exclusion of a lozenge mark in the lid does not mean it is a mis-match, if added to a lack of rim pattern and a suspect blown glass lid ,.... I would begin to wonder.   OOOps just found a pic for this pattern, sorry about the quality, but its bad news Im afraid.
As you can see the lid is very different......sorry :cry:"

Hi Rod,
Thanks for such a prompt reply

I have checked the lozenge and it is definitely 18 August 1865 but as you can see from the photos it is nothing like that butter.  How strange!

Here is a pic of the lid

 and here is the base

Do you have any ideas?

Hi Nicola
If the base is as flat as indicated in your pic I would suggest it is a muffin dish base of the same lozenge, although registered as a butter it would have been adapted to other items. The lid is a def mis-match and looks as you said blown & cut.

A pic of the item you are querying is on your own website under the P.V. page



--- Quote from: GLASSMAN ---A pic of the item you are querying is on your own website under the P.V. page.
--- End quote ---

Except that Nicola has the details shown under her photo as "A acid etched butter dish registered 18 January 1865" - which is a different date to that given by Nicola for the other lozenge. Perhaps this could be double-checked to see if it's part of what's causing the confusion?


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