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Percival, Yates and Vickers Butter - does it match?

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Tony H:
Hi nicola GLASSMAN & Anne

If you look in Jenny Thomson " The Identification of English Pressed Glass" 1842-1908
The chapter for Percival, Yates & Vickers; page 47. 1865 3 items were registered 18th January sugar and cream ( large star pattern grouped around middle) 12th March Comport (similar) and 18th August Butter dish (sunburst pattern on base, ribbed rim)

On page 68 top photo No 34 Percival, Yates & Vickers 18 August 1865 Covered butter dish in frosted glass.

The lid is a plain frosted glass dome with no decoration.

Hope this is of some help.

Tony H

Well spotted Tony, given the handle on the photo it is obvious that this is a mismatch. Nicola was also concerned that her pic of the base was flatter (it was also in clear glass) even though it had the lozenge. I suspect this is the base for a muffin dish of the same design and that it was also available frosted or plain......doesnt get away from the fact that it is a mis-match though...sorry nicola :cry:

Hi All,
Well, I didn't put two and two together on that one :roll: a brain dead day I afraid.
I checked all of the little tags I keep from when I buy the glass and the date that was on the piece was in fact for January, however that can't be right can it, because the January design is of the really heavy cut stars, and is shown on page 72 of the Thompson book.  So my date on the site is wrong - never trust those dealers ;) and it is in fact the August date instead like the photo that Rod uploaded.

However, looking at the butter dish and the base of the muffin dish (it is now obvious that the top doesn't match), it doesn't have any similarities at all, not even down to the ribbing and the slight curl on the edge...

Anyway, I am off to change the site and send a polite mail to the seller.
Thanks again :)


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