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Is this a 1959 Higgins piece or Murano piece?


pam roybal:
This sure looks like a Higgins piece to me, does anybody know if it is? Look at the date it was signed when given away as a gift, I love it! I hope it is a Higgins, I don't any.

we find these in Holland in quite considerable numbers, produced by Flamingo - our local licensee to Bent Glass - and given away as premiums with soap powder coupons in the late fifties and early sixties. It would therefore be probable that your item was produced around the same time by the US Bent glass company - those are the people who brought you printed lace bonbon dishes <insert an emoticon for "shudder" here>.
The gold highlichts in your piece are quite crude and it is quite unlikely that one of the Higginses dunnit - more likely it was someone with a pot of gold coloured paint and too much time.

Thank you Ivo for your help. I have been collecting depression glass for many years, I know nothing about art glass,  I need to buy some books. The gold on this piece looked like it was hand painted by the gift giver, but what I like is the year that it was done. I will start looking for US Bent company on the internet to see what I can come up with. I like the piece because of the year it produced.


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