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Need Help Identifying Carnival Glass Pitcher..Northwood?


I bought a carnival glass pitcher at an estate auction, according to the auction records this was a four generation farm that the family had lived at  from somewhere mid 1800s until present (they are now all deceased)
However I am having trouble identifying it, I have searched several websites, search engines and glass book and the it seems it may be Northwood, dandelion or sunflower pattern. The color when held up to light looks like smoke, however on one site it said smoke was rare and even non existent up to this point in the dandelion pitcher, so I am confused and would appreciate ANY help. I am no expert so these are only guesses. The pitcher stands approx 12" tall and is very heavy. it does have either a "C" or "G" inside on the bottom with a line through it that has a u shape attached at both ends of the line. Its a beautiful pitcher, but I have no idea what its true identity is.
Thank You-


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It's a lovely pitcher - but it is not old Classic Carnival Glass. It is a Contemporary item and it was made by the Imperial Glass Corp. in circa the 1970s. The mark you describe is the Imperial Glass mark - it's a letter G with the letter I through it. It does look like the arrow you describe.

The pattern was a "new" one rather than a re-issue. It's known as "Mayflower" and was inspired by Imperial's early (Classic Carnival) 474 pattern. The 1970s reissue had its own number - it was their #678.

You're right about the color - it is a smoky grey-blue. Very beautiful. Imperial called it "Peacock". Gorgeous iridescence.

A lovely item, and certainly collectible.


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