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Cozeta? Murano anyone ever seen this label before?

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unless it is Due Zeta of course....

Due Zeta seem to be a relatively recent Florence-based retailer with commercial links to the CC Zecchin works, rather than a manufacturer in their own right. The CC Zecchin wares that Due Zeta carry in their Murano collection are still marked for Zecchin to the base (sandblasted - see below) rather than being rebranded.

The mysterious C. Zeta seems to be related to the Treviso-based Vetreria Zeta Effe, as the firm has the exact same font found on the C. Zeta labels -

They've been around since 1986, and specialise in flat glass - mirrors, frames, doors, furniture, etc. Possibly this was their Murano art glass subsidiary?

cozette means 'little things' in italian if that helps i dont know if it will tho, im far from an expert - but i am italian

Sue C:
Is this the same company ?


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