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Someone mentioned in a thread the other day that they bought something for no reason other than they just couldn't leave it, I too have joined the club.
This isn't my area of collecting at all so i am hoping someone can give me a few pointers (a maker would be a godsend) Id settle for date and origin  :lol:
I guess this must be mould blown as the bulges are so symetrical, it has a substantial ground pontil, a fair amount of wear on base and the handle is applied.
The lid has a ground rim.
Any help greatly appreciated.

I have a similar style jug that I can't ID either. The bulges don't go so far up the jug as yours and the smooth top part is longer on my mine, and no lid, but there is a resemblance I think. I wonder if they are from the same maker?
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Hi all,

I couldn't find Glassman's pitcher in my books, but I found your pitcher Anne.

It was made by the Seneca Glass Company, of Morgantown, West Virginia and they called that line "Streamline", the design Patent number was "d 60637" and they made this line in 1937.

I don't buy many glass books with price guides in them, since prices tend to be very inflated and are only added to sell the book, so I can't give you a book value on it, sorry.


Woohoo! Mike thank you, I've been searching for this for months without success. I'd never have thought it came from the USA so that's a real surprise.

I'm not in the least worried about its value I just wanted to know its origin - I bought it because I like it, and it holds a lot! Much more so than any of my other jugs. Thanks again, you've made my day! :)

By the way, would you mind telling me which book you found it in please? I'm trying to build up a collection of glass reference books covering my collection.

Hi Folks
In my search for this jug I have looked at hundreds of pics of varying styles from a broad age range and suprisingly I can't find any with lids?
I am assuming that this is a lemonade/ice tea jug and presuming the lid was because it tended to be used outdoors on sunny days and this stopped any flying bugs getting in.  Others opinions on its use would be appreciated.


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