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Question about a clock by Lalique - ID = M. Model, Verdun, France

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I hope someone may help me to identify the glass case of a clock I have bought some weeks ago.
The seller wrote it is by Lalique but it is not signed: it stands about cm 17,5 high and it is marked "MADE IN FRANCE" on the glass and "Maurice Model, France, MADE IN FRANCE" on the back of the metal clock case.
I am not able to insert some picture of my clock but it is identical to the one you may see on (this one has opalescence, on the contrary mine is a simple satinated glass).
The one on deremate is also signed "Lalique France" but... who knows if it is not a fake sign...  
However, if it is not by Lalique, do you know who made this glass case?
Thanks a lot for your kind attention and best regards,

Mike M:

It is definitely not Lalique -it is not like any other of Lalique clocks and more importantly is it not  in the Lalique bible: Marcilhac

It turns up quite often and I've no idea who it was made for. However having a handled a few I'd not be surprised if it was produced by Choisy Le Roi/Sevres (just a guess really -they were called Choisy Le Roi pre war and Sevres post war), but they would have made it for a retailer and that could have be anyone!



Hi Mike,
thanks a lot for your kind reply.
I was rather sure it could not be by Lalique since my clock (then I was able to attach a picture in ) is not signed and someone told me that Lalique has always signed his works.
However, since it is not a so rare find, I hope that someone could give me a definitive answer about the manufacture: I tried to get the email address or the official website of Cristal de Sevres to ask them but I did not find it.
Thanks again and best regards,

Sevres only exists as a trade-mark. Try the company that bought them out:
Compagnie Fran├žaise du Cristal Daum
Tel : + 33 (0)3 83 25 41 01
Fax : + 33 (0)3 83 25 47 42

Answered here,36935.msg242257.html#msg242257


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