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Author Topic: Unidentified pressed glass bowl and frog. - ID = Bagley 1333  (Read 3287 times)

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Re: Unidentified pressed glass bowl and frog.
« Reply #10 on: June 14, 2007, 06:28:08 PM »
Quote from: Gill
... So definitely Bagley 1333 but not neccessarily Wyndham ...

Gill — Well, it wouldn't have been named anything else — it's just that Bagley may have ceased production of it before they named the 1333 range, so it could be anachronistic, or, more accurately, prochronistic, to call your set Wyndham.

Quote from: Gill
... I have a small glass eye bath marked BRITISH MADE.

More than likely Wood Brothers of Barnsley.   Does it also have a "W" in a rectangle with the corners chopped off — the Wood Brothers' trade mark?   See Angela's excellent British Glass After the War.

Bernard C.  8)
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Re: Unidentified pressed glass bowl and frog.
« Reply #11 on: June 14, 2007, 06:54:44 PM »
Here's an example on the Wakefield Museum site:

Ooh - so the Wakefield on-line collection is up and running. Brilliant! Worth a separate thread of its own, Bernard? Or have you already posted one and I missed it?

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Re: Unidentified pressed glass bowl and frog.
« Reply #12 on: June 20, 2007, 10:47:58 AM »
Can we put this "British Made" myth to rest once and for all? Just to reinforce what Bernard said.
Being marked "British Made" is NOT a good indicator that a piece of glass was made by Bagley. It does NOT appear on all Bagley glass, it DOES appear on some glass that is not Bagley, and sometimes Bagley used OTHER WORDS such as "Made in England".

On the subject of names, Bagley applied names to very few of their designs. Pendant and Queen's Choice were two names applied by Bagley. When Jackson Bros took over Bagley in the 1960s they applied names to many of the Bagley patterns which they continued to produce, and these names were used in the 1964 catalogue. Wyndham was one of those names. This still left a number of Bagley designs without names, and to avoid problems seen in other glass collecting fields (of conflicting names being used by collectors) we (Derek Parsons, Betty Parsons, and myself) assigned names to the remaining art deco designs when we produced our book. All the names can be found in our book about Bagley Glass.
So strictly speaking none of the names apart from Pendant and Queen's Choice are the original Bagley names. But they are the names by which these items are identified today. And so far as I know there is no way to identify glass made in the Crystal Glass Company during the Bagley years from the same designs made in the same department by the same people during the Jackson's years. So we have three situations:
1: examples like the one Bernard referred to, where an item from a design range (in this case 1333) was not produced by Jackson's but other items in the same range were, so the design was given a name
2: examples where an item was produced by Bagley without a name and identified only by a code (sometimes for thirty years or so) and continued in production during the Jackson years, so a name was applied by Jackson's for the last ten years (until the department was closed down in 1975)
3: examples where an item was produced by Bagley without a name and was not given a name by Jackson's but was given a name by Parsons & Bowey.

From: Angela Bowey
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