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Venetian Glass Factory, Blackpool - Franco Toffolo


Hi, I'm new and stumbled here looking for the Venetian Glass factory in Blackpool, or at least that's what I think I am looking for.
In the mid seventy's my mum bought a lovely big glass bull from what was at the time no more than a barn with a furnnice in it.
I think she also bought a couple of harlequin figer's as well  but I have the bull and would like to know more about it and if I can get more like it? :?


Your description of the 'works' is not untypical of a glass studio in the UK at that time. Is the name you give from memory or a label/signature?

Can you post a picture, see instructions in sticky topic.


see entry under Glasform. I think there was a glass company in Blackpool called Venetian Glass Co but John Ditchfield would be the person who could answer this

Franco Toffolo, mispelt on Great Glass, is now working with John Deacons in Crieff, Scotland.


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