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Carnival plate/dish - ID: 'Crimpit'


This is one of my mum's Carnival pieces - the first one she bought I think. It has no marks on and we're curious as to who may have made it and if the pattern has a name. The pattern is only really visible on the base - the top is smooth and shiny.  Could anyone help please?

It's known as the "Crimpit" plate (weird name I know!) It's considered to be "English"...but as to who made it, well, goodness only knows. It's possibly actually a Czech item. Quite common in the UK and doesn't go for much, I'm afraid.

Hope this helps a teeny bit.

Thanks Glen, neither I nor mum are bothered about the value at all.She was curious about who may have made it, how old it might be, and whether or not the pattern has a name. I know she's had it for years and was bought for a very small amount from a charity shop somewhere simply because she liked it. (I don't particularly like it, but then as I said before, I'm not much into Carnival really - well, except for my one piece which just did appeal to me because I have wine glasses in the same style. ;))


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