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Stems From The 1800's (Possibly Salviati)


Hi Everyone :D

Even though I received confirmation from Sheldon Barr on these as being Murano and the date range of 1855-1885, even he couldn't absolutely say if Salviati was the maker.

I have posted and asked about these in various other venues only because I hope to find someone that may have similar ones and Know who made them.

I don't mean 'similar' like the hundreds of modern dolphin stems like you see on Ebay all the time :-\

I will apologize for my pictures now.

I am terrible at photograpy and can't seem to find an answer as to why my taller wine glass gets squashed down to the same height as the champagne whenever I upload it to my album ???

The first picture (link) is an attempt to stretch the stems (infranview) to their normal size.
Unfortunately the stems look horrible after the stretch.

The second picture is Why I tried the stretch process.

None of the photos really give a true image of height or width but I think you can get a good idea of the quality of the glass :-\

Thank You Everyone

VirginiaBelle :-*

Hi VirginiaBelle, what gorgeous glasses! Looking at them the stems would appear to be seahorses rather than dolphins though? Your pictures are displaying just fine for me, so I suspect the problem is being caused by your browser settings needing a tweak somewhere.

I can't help you re confirming the maker as Salviati - that's what I would assume they are on seeing the pics - but I'm sure someone with more knowledge will come along and help you out.

When I was over in Venice a couple of months ago doing research, one of the private collections I was lucky enough to be shown had a set of 24 of these glasses in green with the same seahorse stems and told me they were Salviati from 1867 as his family had owned them from new and still had the original paperwork. Remarkable thing was all 24 were still perfect.

Hi Paul and Anne :D

Thank You so much for your help.

I had twelve of these in perfect condition.

Six of them went to a friend :)

Brenda <--(my Real Name)  ;)


flying free:
some of the photos had disappeared on this thread and I came across these on Flickr
which I think are the same piece
for reference


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