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Orrefors vase - information requested please.


Anne E.B.:
Hello everyone. Its my first time on the board so I'm a little nervous about doing things right - especially attaching the picture (confirmed Luddite!).  Can any one give me any information at all on my Orrefors vase.  It is 9" high, 4" at the widest and weighs a hefty 2.25kg. approx.  It has coloured daffodils and etching on the front.  On the base it has "Orrefors"  "Victoria Valentine"  and what looks like "7717 O7T". However, the base is worn and some of these might be letters not numbers.  Any ideas as to who designed it, how old it might be and approx. value would be much appreciated.  The "Victoria Valentine" has completely thrown me - is this the design name, or designer?  Thanks. Regards - Anne.

Anne, I don't know if this will help or not, but it may give you a pointer. I found another piece in an old auction listing that was signed Victoria Valentine here:

There is a picture of the item as well which doesn't (to me at least) resemble Orrefors, (though I could be wrong there!) so she maybe painted on blanks made by various glass works. The date given for the auctioned piece is 1979 so that again may help track down the artist. Hope this is useful. Good luck!

Anne E.B.:
Many thanks Anne.  It hadn't occurred to me that it may well be the artist.  I will try to find out a bit more...  
Regards - Anne.

Bill G:
The form has a strong resemblance to the work created at the Strombergshyttan Glass Works. The color of light blue was discovered by Stromberg owners son in law and the rim is cut on a steep downward direction.

I have not seen painted glass from this glass works which was acquired by Orrefors Crystal Group in 1979 and then closed

A group of master glass blowers from Kosta Glass Works
started a studio there in 1987 and is also known
as Strombergshyttan ab.

There was painting studio down the hill from the hold shop it might be here that the piece was painted.

Bill Geary

Anne E.B.:
Thank you Bill for your interesting comments.  When I spotted the vase, before seeing the marks on the base, I thought of Strombergshyttan because I had seen glass this shape previously.  My vase is clear glass as opposed to blue.   I'm not an expert in any way on glass, so I appreciate any help.  Thank you - Regards Anne.


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