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More (unidentified) yellow glass. Any ideas?

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:D Hello, I thought I'd post some pictures of some of my (unidentified) yellow glass to see if anybody has any ideas what it might be. (I strongly suspect it's all of Bohemian origin.)

All 4 pieces:-

The base of the far left piece:-

The front right mould-blown piece:-
It's base:-                            
This is very fine, and cased in clear glass.

The front left piece:-
It's base:-       

The back right piece:-
it's base:-         

I bought these pieces in Scotland, in various junk shops and antique and collectables fairs, between 7 and 4 years ago.

The back right piece has blue glass at the base and pulled up over the yellow, it was for sale with another vase, the same, but in orange and green, which I didn't buy as I did not like it. Although the base might make one think of Chinese, I think it was before too much Chinese stuff started coming in - that was one of my first pieces, about 7 years ago.
I thought the back left piece looked a little like WMF Ikora, it has good age-related wear to the base.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Sue.

Hi Sue,

The tall blue and yellow vase is a newer item, found in great numbers at import and close-out stores and come in different sizes.

Of course they get listed on eaby in good numbers too and some sellers claim they are very old and once belonged to some 99.5 year old lady, who never left her home, but was always known to purchase the very best of everything  :-)

Do a search for Murano Yellow Art Glass Vase   and you should easily find some.

There are a lot of Chinese vases which look like these too, but don't ever seem to get listed on ebay as being what they really are and often get dumped into the Murano??? category along with a lot of Mexican glass items, by sellers who actually know what they are but pretend not to know for sure.

I can't say for sure if your vase is Italian or Chinese, but at least you can see what others are asking for theirs and if you check the completed auctions you can see what they have actually sold for.


I do not think your WMF Ikora guess is right, yes they used a white enamel quite often and it is often mentioned as a trademark.

On the other hand Ikora was all made individually and it could just be a little nore different than usual. I expect Ivo will have an opinion when he returns again.

Hi Frank

Apart from the "veining" ,which is reminiscent of WMK Ikora, is not that very neat hollow from the pontil not also a pointer towards its WMF attribution..... and also what appears to be a clear casing over the top...???........ or will it al look different in the morning :roll:




:D Thanks very much everybody!
I am more and more suspecting Chinese for the tall one with the blue, something about the crudeness of it's finish, overall. I'd stuffed it at the back of a dark shelf to make room for nicer (IMHO) things, and haven't really looked at it until I brought it out for a yellow "show and ask". It was one of the first pieces of glass I bought,  :oops: in an antique fair in Perth. I believe I paid £24 for it.  :oops:
I feel the "Ikora-like" piece is too thick and heavy to be real. Just after I bought it, I decided it probably wasn't, but I'd be delighted if it was. I paid very little for it in a junk shop in Crieff, so it doesn't really matter :P
I'm not looking to sell this stuff, it's all just part of the learning process as I started collecting. (However, if any of it turned out to be worth loads, I'd quite happily part with it :twisted: )
Cheers, Sue


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