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Did anybody know this Signature ?

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Hello, its me again :)

I have here a new paperweight, which was sold me as an Orient&Flume Weight. But it seems it is not an O&F-Weight, since there are no O+F Signatur or Number.

As you can see on the pictures, there is a signatur, wich I donĀ“t know.
Could it be Ebelhare and did Drew Ebelhare make this kind of weights?

Perhaps somebody of the specialists here on Board can help me.

Thanks in Advance :)

Here are the photos:

Kind regards

Could the Signatur probably say Abelman ?

Did anybody have a websites, where I can find informations about this artist ?

Have a nice day :)


Hi Nadine

There is a website for Stuart Abelman which does include some work with this type of figuring... but that is not to say that is him though..




Hi Nadine, if this helps here is a signature on an Abelman weight that I have.   When I saw the signature on yours, Abelman was the first thing that popped into my head. Terry

:D  Max, Have a look at the site Gareth put up here - if you click on the box at the top left of the home page, there's a load of Nemtoi, LOVELY!  :P Me, I love the Abelman froggies, but can't afford them :cry:
Cheers, Sue


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