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Did anybody know this Signature ?

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Signatures look a 'close' match it may be worth asking at the site linked above to get a confirmation.


--- Quote ---Me, I love the Abelman froggies, but can't afford them  
Cheers, Sue
--- End quote ---

Ooh yes Sue! I really love the red -eyed froggy with the purple fingers!   He's cute! I can't afford one either though.  :cry:  The panda though....ewwww quite nasty! <shudder>   :o

I want one of the perfume bottles  :shock: I want two of the perfume bottles  :shock:  :shock:  I want ALL the perfume bottles!   :shock:  :shock:  :shock:

Ooops  :oops:  Just remembered I spent all my money (and somebody else's  :roll: ) at the National  :(  :oops:   :roll:  

(pronounced 'Leynee' not 'Lenny'  :wink: )


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