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another glass ewer for Ivo

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it stand's 6.5" high with a clear applied glass handle, there are glass cane's which are very very fine within the body of the ewer, the base is signed D LANY OR D LAMY or something, there's also a seal on the base which cover's the pontil with the letter's i think SCILLY

Interesting I have seen another ewer with a similar handled but more canes and it was being suggested as Salvador Ysart - though it is not of the same quality as a superb Ysart ewer that I own.

forgot to say frank the signature has been done in silver gild, any idea to the seal on the base

Cannot see it well enough?

Sorry haven't got a clue. No D.Lamy on record in the french directory, only C. Lamy - but he's a glazer. I think it is from a small glasshouse and quite recent - but then again - anything is possible. Signature in gold could be from a dealer, too!


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