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Frosted, mottled green 'Jug', bronze 'handle'

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David E:

Back again after some intensive Web designing.

I recently came across a marvellous green frosted 'jug' (only called such because of the weird 'handle' - which isn't!) that I hope someone can ID. It measures 9" (23cm) high and has a mottled effect to the glass. The most significant point is the bronze 'handle', which is startling in its total wackiness! The base has been ground, although there is concave centre that doesn't feature a pontil mark.

Could almost be called a Jack in the Pulpit, but I don't think this was the designer's intention. Here are the piccies:

Jug 1
Jug 2
Jug 3
Jug 4
Jug 5

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated.

With thanks,
David E  :mrgreen:

I think this is Romanian glass, isn't it?   :?  I believe Leni has one similar...


--- Quote from: "Max" ---I believe Leni has one similar...
--- End quote ---

 :shock: Not me, guv!   :?

Wish I had, though  :lol:



--- Quote --- Not me, guv!
--- End quote ---

Are you sure you haven't got a pink one with metal tucked away somewhere?  Someone on here has one...

David E:
Hi both,

Thanks for the progress - even if you can't decide  :lol:

I'm Googling for Romanian Glass to see if this reveals anything - thanks for the suggestion.

David  :mrgreen:


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