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Fratelli Toso? A.Ve.M? Advice on ID please - one for svazzo?

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David E:

I recently acquired a dish that could either be Fratelli Toso or A.Ve.M or 'none of the above'  :)

So would appreciate help in an ID and what are the distinguishing features of these two Muranese makers?

Features a transparent blue glass, with silver inclusions and overlaid murrines. Has three equally spaced lips around the rim.

Javier: I noticed a Fratelli Toso dish on your Trocadero site that's similar in some respects. Here are the photos.

Normal View
Close Up
Close Up
Close Up

As always, thanks in advance.

David  :mrgreen:

Laura Friedman:
It is not by AVEM, and I've never seen anything resembling it with a Fratelli Toso label.

It appears to be circa 1960s or 70s, if that is any help.

David E:
Thanks Laura - must admit I'd forgotten your Web site was a good resource for Murano  :oops:

I suppose it can be reasonably assumed to be Murano, though?

David  :mrgreen:

Laura Friedman:
Looks Italian to me!


Hi David,
I agree with Laura in the date, probably 70's, and Italian.
I cant say for sure if it is Fratelli, as the ones I have seen in Cobalt/Dark Amethyst are much thicker pieces. This one looks pretty thin, and the murrines/canes are not as sharp (as far as the look of them) as the Toso pieces. I have seen other bowls like yours in solid colors with the common Venetian Glass labels, but not with any labels by Fratelli Toso.


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