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What is the best Murano piece from your collection!?!?

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Hi Everyone!
It has always been intresting to me to know what people collect and how they collect. I am all over the place myself, having many smaller collections within my Murano collection, but I did consider 1 piece to be the one that told me I should collect. That piece is the "Svazzo" bird scultpure by Barbini which is now used in my logo, id, etc. Before seeing that piece I really had no focus, I was collecting overall Blue Glass, and some odd pieces, without really thinking of collecting "Murano," but when I saw that piece I not only needed to have it, but knew it was meant to have it, lol.

It would be great for all of you out there to post that 1 piece or maybe that 1 artist that made you think, ok this is right for me! It was Barbini and his bird for me. How about all of you?
Hope to see some great photos!

Well, for me I suppose it has to be a paperweight  :roll:

This one I know is definitely from Murano  :shock:

Although if we were 100% sure 'Bernard's tazza' was Murano, I suppose it would have to be that  :D

Look, Max!  Green!  Not Pink!  Green!   :lol:  


Hi Leni,
Is that an early paperweight? Do you know the maker?
I just started to collect many of the Fratelli Toso paperweights, going by what is in his book. Nothing as intricate as yours.


--- Quote from: "svazzo" ---Is that an early paperweight? Do you know the maker?
--- End quote ---

Well, a while ago on the Paperweight site we had a discussion about this weight, and Kevin thought it might be "one of the "few" that came from Vetreria", or made "by Ferro & Lazzarini,... but with canes by Moretti".

Apparently lots of glasshouses use/d Moretti canes, so it's difficult to get a precise ID  :roll:


This is my favourite piece, it's similar to Campanella I think.  It was disputed that this was Murano actually, perhaps Javier can say for sure one way or the other?   :?   Sorry if you've seen this pic before btw.   :oops:


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