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Can you check your Leslie Pina Century 20 book?


:)Hi sorry no picture.Picture taking hubby is gone.Have acquired a Avem piece pictured on page 216,at the bottom,first picture.Only have one though.Knew it was Avem but wondering if someone knows who at Avem produced it? Thanks a bunch you guys!!

Can you describe the piece for us?
Also let us know which edition of the book your piece is in?
I think that book has been revised at least 3 times, if not more, so all the pictures and pages have changed from one to the other.

Hi there! I figured you might reply.It is the 2003 edition with the red dustjacket.This is one beautiful piece! Thanks for your help.Robin

Hi Robin,
I dont have that edition.
Maybe you can take a photo of the bowl and just show us.


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